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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    791990,,36,4,pp13-23 (其他)Hung-Pin Huang
    791990,,38,2,pp56-63 (其他)Hung-Pin Huang
    79Ming-Daw Su,1990,Derivation And Comparison of Operating Rules For Municipal Water Supply Systems,38,4,pp60-75 (其他)Ming-Daw Su
    79"Cheng, K.S., Shih, S.F. ",1990,Potential application of GOES satellite data for rainfall estimation in Florida,Soil and Crop Science Society of Florida-Proceedings,49,pp36-41 (SCI)Ke-Sheng Cheng
    79,38,1,pp48-57 (其他)Fi-John Chang
    79,39,2,pp50-58 (其他)Fi-John Chang
    781990,,38,2 (其他)Ming-Hsi Hsu
    781989,,38,2,pp56-63 (其他)Hung-Pin Huang
    78"Shih, S.F., Cheng, K.S.",1989,Generation of synthetic and missing climatic data for Puerto Rico,Water Resources Bulletin,25,4,pp829-836 (SCI)Ke-Sheng Cheng
    78Delleur J.W. and Chang F. J.,Systematic Parameter EstimationStrategy for Refining the Birkenes Model,Atmospheric Deposition,179,pp163-171 (SCI)Fi-John Chang
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