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    80"Chang F. J., J. W. Delleur, and A. R. Rao",Sensitivity Analysis of the Surface Water Acidification Model ILWAS in the Saturated and Unstaturated Zones,Hydrological Bases of Ecologically Sound Magagement of Soil and Groundwater,202,pp23-32 (SCI)Fi-John Chang
    80,30,4,pp1-12 (其他)Fi-John Chang
    80,39,3,pp33-44 (其他)Fi-John Chang
    80,37,4,pp25-34 (其他)Fi-John Chang
    80,31,3,pp88-98 (其他)Fi-John Chang
    80,31,3,pp76-92 (其他)Fi-John Chang
    80,39,2,pp32-49 (其他)Fi-John Chang
    80,9,5 (其他)Fi-John Chang
    791990,,36,4,pp13-23 (其他)Hung-Pin Huang
    791990,,38,2,pp56-63 (其他)Hung-Pin Huang
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