All-English Graduate Program(CEIRM) / Curriculum structure

Curriculum structure
Courses offered in CEIRM are structured into four tiers to facilitate the needs of students of different career goals.

►Environmental instrumentation/monitoring
-  Microclimate(3 credits)
-  Environmental Monitoring and Instrumentation of Biophysics(3 credits)

-  Remote sensing(3 credits)
-  Database System(3 credits)
-  Geographic Information System(3 credits)

►Theories and algorithms
-  Spatiotemporal analysis and mapping in environmental systems(3 credits)
-  Geostatistics(3 credits)
-  Engineering Economics(3 credits)
-  Stochastic Programming and Simulation(3 credits)
-  Restoration ecology: theories and applications (3 credits)
-  Environmental statistics and risk assessment(3 credits) 

-  Climate change and environmental ecology (3 credits)
-  Dynamic modeling the bioenvironmental systems(3 credits)
-  Landscape ecological measuring and planning(3 credits)
-  Practical work on environmental impact assessment(3 credits)
-  Modeling landuse change and impacts(3 credits)
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