Financial Aid and Scholarships / Scholarships

  Application  Eligibility
Detailed information 
 Agency  Period
MOFA Taiwan Scholarship  •Taiwan Representative Office(TRO) in their countries
•The nearest country in case there  is no TRO in their country

February 1 to March 31 MOFA Taiwan Scholarship Guideline One economy-class(direct-route roundtrip) international airfare
•NTD30,000/ month
Ø Undergraduate program: maximum 4 years.

Ø  Master’s program: maximum 2 years.

Ø P.h.D's program: maximum 4 years.
MOE Taiwan Scholarship February 1 to March 31 MOE Taiwan Scholarship Guideline Undergraduate’ program : NTD15,000/ month
•Postgraduate degree program : NTD20,000/ month
NTU Scholarship Office of International Affair(OIA), National Taiwan University (NTU)
April NTU Scholarship Guideline Undergraduate’ program : NTD12,000/ month
•Postgraduate degree program : NTD20,000/ month

1 year

(September to next year August)
NTU Graduate Scholarship Upon application for NTU admission
NTU Graduate Scholarship Guideline Postgraduate degree program : NTD20,000/ month
NTU Graduate Support Fund NTU Graduate Support Fund Guideline Postgraduate degree program : NTD10,000/ month

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